[CAMWEST-discuss] 2008 kids on bikes proposal

Mark Robson Mark.Robson at australwright.com.au
Fri Aug 3 01:21:50 UTC 2007

Hi All,

My wonderful partner, Julie, runs a kids picnic group and she has proposed the idea
of  'kids and bikes' gatherings.

The idea would be a picnic lunch at a different location each time, followed by a short 'out and back'
ride along a suitable cyclepath route. Obviously the location would have to be very close to a suitable path.

These events would happen each school term, so four per year.

Being picnic based, particpation in the ride isn't compulsory, for example,
only one parent might ride with the child(ren) of a family of other parent didn't want to.

All literature and advertising for the event(s) would expect that a riding parent would supervise  
children on the ride part of the day.

The plan at the moment is to start in Term One of 2008 at Prospect Reserviour and use the Canal
for the ride, other possibilities are Walpole St Park using the M4 path and/or Rail Trail,
Ollie Webb reserve using the T-Way path to Wenthworthville and Lytton St park, and
Reynolds Park, Old Toongabbie using the North-West T-way path.

I'm also pretty sure I could get the key to the toilets at Centenary park.
Obviously toilet access is a necessity for this type of event.

I think we have enough location ideas to run four events in 2008, but ideas are needed to go on from there.

If anyone has any suggestions or further ideas please reply, all suggestions and comments are welcome.

We would welcome suggestions on how to get the events listed in publications other than Push-on to access 
a wider range of families. Suggestions for a name for the events would also be great.

If anyone can see any problems with this type of event we would be pleased to hear your views.


Mark and Julie

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