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Nick Urbanik nicku at nicku.org
Mon Sep 17 21:29:43 UTC 2007

Dear Anthony,

On 17/09/07 17:38 +0300, Anthony wrote:
>Anthony here.
>If you remember I emailed you last week re. link swap with http://
>www.chubbyscruisers.com, a Bikes related website.

Yes, I had a look at your site, and smiled when I saw your bikes.  I
think the surfboard racks look useful.

>What if I linked to your site at http://www.chubbyscruisers.com/
>directory_bicycles.php using your preferred link text or ad banner?

Our organisation CAMWEST promotes and advocates cycling in the area of
Parramatta in the west of Sydney, and we are not affiliated with any
proprietory companies.  I feel it is not appropriate to promote
particular bicycle shops, particularly overseas; we would then need to
promote other shops as well, to be fair.  We get a large number of
requests for "link exchange" with companies promoting cycling (or even
motoring) products, and our policy is to say "no" unless there is some
clear synergy with the organisation.

>I would also greatly appreciate if you linked to my site as well from http://
>If you're interested, here's my link details:
>Link Title: Urban Beach Cruisers
>Description: Chubby`s Cruisers presents a wide stock of urban beach
>cruisers and bikes parts. The shop is located in Southern California
>and delivers beach bicyles nationwide.
>URL address: http://www.chubbyscruisers.com/
>Here's the HTML code for your convinieince:
><a href=http://www.chubbyscruisers.com/>Urban Beach Cruisers</a> -
>Chubby`s Cruisers presents a wide stock of urban beach cruisers and
>bikes parts. The shop is located in Southern California and delivers
>beach bicyles nationwide.
>Hope to hear from you soon with your link details.
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