[CAMWEST-discuss] Rydalmere Cycleway Closure

James Robertson jrobbo_ at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 26 00:38:09 UTC 2007


Have just joined this list and noticed the thread on the cycleway closure at Rydalmere.
I know the Thackeray St bridge is being intermittently closed for the next six months, but where is the closed cycleway that is being talked about? I often ride along the Parramatta Valley Cycleway to Rydalmere Wharf, and I often wheel my bike along the footpath for a couple of blocks between there and Rydalmere station where the path is. It's a lot better than riding through the industrial area when the trucks are around... is part of this route closed or is this just a reference to a part of the route that hasn't yet been built?

And I also noticed a mention about the T-way cycle path being closed? Where is this?



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