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Good one Bernie,
The facilities that we have today are a result of many years (several decades actually) of just such an approach including polite letters but sustained with dogged persistance.  

With green house gas in the atmosphere reaching predicted levels ten years early and fuel prices set to rise dramatically in the next few years cycleways will get more funding, but untill $10/L petrol (about 2015) will not be taken seriously.  Then we may get legal priority on the roads.
That's the next big campain!
danny_hannan at yahoo.com

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Hi All,
Thanks for the support John. I did some telephoning today regarding the T-Way. 
I decided to initially contact the local council to see what they had to say. It took some effort to get through the “telephone ladies” who tried to fob me off to the RTA saying the cycleways weren’t the council’s problem. After I quoted her own website to her - ie “ Parramatta council is currently working with the RTA to implement a network of safe bicycle routes and facilities for commuters and recreational cyclists” (http://www.parracity.nsw.gov.au/culture__and__leisure/sporting_facilities/cycle_ways), she escalated me to the next level.
I spoke to a couple of guys at Parramatta Council – once I got through the entry level telephone people, everyone was very polite, supportive and helpful. I spoke initially to Gary (Jensen is his last name I think). Apparently there are plans to complete the cycle way, however, there is wrangling between the council and the RTA as to who is going to foot the bill. It was not completed initially due to protests from local residents and now has to be done as an “extra”. The person who is doing the negotiations with the RTA is Robert Clark in strategic asset management. Gary didn’t seem to want to give me his name at first, but I was very polite and eventually he gave it to me.
I rang Robert’s office, but he is away on holidays until next Monday. I spoke to Philip Moore who is in the same office and he tells me negotiations are definitely underway. Phillip seemed very pleased to hear from someone outside his normal duties and was able to give me quite a bit of his time (rather than just telling me to call back next week as I expected). I left contact numbers and he said Robert will give me a call next week.
I next rang the offices of Tanya Gadiel – NSW member for parramatta. I wasn’t able to speak to Tanya (obviously), but spoke to Steve Lesley in Tanya’s Office. He was aware of the missing link in the cycleway and has (apparently) had experience as part of a cycleways steering committee. He was very very supportive and said he would see what he could do, BUT, he told me that, due to the vagaries of the electoral lines, the cycleway at that part of the T-Way is the responsibility of Toongabbie electorate. Steve spoke to me at length and gave me some people to contact in both the toongabbie electorate as well as the parramatta council.
I have exhausted the time I have for this today and plan to wait until I hear from Robert Clark in the council before doing anything else.
Anyway, the experience has been overwhelmingly positive and it seems everyone I spoke to was supportive 
 It seems that (so far) the “polite but concerned local resident” is working 
 so I’ll hold off on the protest letters for now and see how far I get through “normal” channels. I was pleased that I wasn’t just “handled” as a crank call and people actually knew what I was talking about.
I’ll let you know what I can find out.

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Hello all,
            I have two matters to discuss.
The first is to support Bernies comments about the route under Old Windsor Rd into Sherwood. It is a bit dicey travelling down to the underpass, but is a very viable alternative to the busway, hole in the wall (when it is open) or through the housing estate & over the bridge on Harts Rd.
The residents on the Sherwood Rd side would prefer to have that area blocked off as it provides access to 'undesireables', being the residents of the previously mentioned housing estate & possibly cyclists. If you have time, I also suggest a ride along the creek to see the good work done by the residents along there. You will have to walk in a couple of places but the lack of weeds & rubish is very noticeable.
I was assured recently by a member of the Parramatta Cycleways Committee that there was a solution to the T-Way problem being provided very shortly. It appears that solution was the erection of the signs prohibiting cyclists and pedestrians on the section leading to the intersection in question.
The way I see it is that we have several options that should be taken immediately for both the T-Way & Rydalmere Bridge :-
1. Bombard Parramatta Council & local State & Federal MP's with protest letters regarding the current situation.

2. Write letters to the Editor of the local newspapers highlighting the blatant waste of tax payers funds in both of these projects.

3. Simply ride the T-way in ever increasing numbers, challenging the operators or Police to Fine us for riding on a piece of road that should be open to us anyway.

What are the thoughts of the forum?

The second issue is: I am looking for someone with a recumbent. A work colleague of my wife was a keen social bicyclist until a motor cycle accident robbed him of the complete use of his right arm. He has ridden since then but does not feel safe or confident on a bicycle in his current state. My wife suggested he try a recumbent as an alternative & he was responsive to that suggestion, so if you have access to a recumbent & would be prepared to let this person try one out, let me know.

John Holstein

"if we don't change direction, we will end up where we are headed"

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Subject: [CAMWEST-discuss] T-Way Cycleway Detour.
Hi all,
I have noticed a few messages regarding a detour around the missing link
in the T-Way cycle path along old
 Windsor Road between
 Hammers Road and 
All of the messages I have read mention a "hole" in the noise wall ... I
have never been able to find this hole. The place where I think the hole
should be was freshly boarded up last time I checked ...  However, I was
wondering if others were aware of another "detour" ?
The path I use follows
 Sherwood St - Fletcher Close and along a walking track
 Old Windsor Road . This (for me) is a useful little shortcut and is
much safer than using
 Old Windsor Road and less illegal than hopping onto
the T-Way (though not as quick).
I have put the route up on bikely for anyone interested ...
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