[CAMWEST-discuss] National Ride to Work Day 17th October

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I'm sure I speak for all camwest members that there is no need to consider any boundaries for BUG groups when bicycle advocacy is concerned. Camw est has very meagre resources at present so any energy from other cyclists is more than welcome. Whereabouts is CRS located ? I commute to Dept of Veterans affairs 88 Phillip St but sadly am the only cycle commuter in my office.

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Hi Robert,


I have been busily trying to find out
whether something is happening in Parramatta.
I work for CRS Australia and we have 3 cyclist commuters in the office. 


So far I have touched base with Parra
Council – Adam Colwell (on walk-to-work day) sustainable transport guy and
he was keen to support what was happening with his limited funds/resources. He
initially was unsure of what he could commit to and invited me to the launch of
the Parra LGA sustainable transport map.


Myself, Richard and I think, Pam Kendrick,
of Bike North are happy to participate and provide support where needed. We
weren’t sure if we were stepping on the feet of CAMWEST since it is not
our BUG’s area as such. Would be great to hear if CAMWEST was interested
to partner BikeNorth members on this.


I believe that Dept of Environment have organized
an early self funded brekkie at Valentines Café… please see below.
I understand that some police cyclist might be coming along too.


Some further details. A breakfast (self-pay) is being organised by
the people from the NSW Dept of Environment & Climate Change
- Valentines Café, at the corner of Valentines, Wentworth &
Fitzwilliam Streets at 7.30am.  

The contact at the department I have been conversing with is Michael
<Michael.Vyse at environment.nsw.gov.au>


Even though last minute and pretty small gather on ride to
work day, it would be great for all of us commuters to touch base with one
another and hopefully get behind something bigger next year.


There is a meeting schedule at 2pm tomorrow (Thursday) to
plan ride to work day on a café on the corner of George and Smith St,



Robert Ching




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National Ride to Work Day 17th October


This year my department, Comm Dept of Veterans Affairs is
participating in this event which seems to be expanding every year with the
likes of Chip Goodyear, exiting CEO of BHP, and other high profile people
getting behind it. I believe there are sites in the Sydney CBD where you can
ride in and get a breakfast. Check out Ride2Work.com.au. 

Anyone else doing anything on the day ? Anything happening in Parra  or
the west that we know of ?


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