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Hi all,


I received email this week from Parramatta council (both email and Snail


It seems the negotiations with the RTA are going well and the council hopes
to get started on the cycleway early in 2008. Anyway, it all seems promising
to me and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed. I find it a heartening that
they are making some progress, however slow it is.


However, I have a few misgivings with what I believe to be the proposed
route. Obviously I'm reading between the lines here as it hasn't been
specifically spelt out yet but . I have patched together what I think the
proposed route would be. You can see it here :


(Note : "Kelvin" street mentioned in the letter I think is "Kevin" street in
my Gregories. Also, Neither Kevin nor Kelvin are on google maps.)


It looks like a twisty windy little track through suburban streets and
nothing like the lovely ride that is the rest of the NW T-Way. My feeling is
cycleways that are simply white lines painted on the side of the road are
pretty useless as they quickly fill up with parked cars - indeed, they are
more dangerous as you are forced to continually merge with traffic as you
pass these parked cars.


Anyway, once the path cross Cumberland highway, if you look on google earth,
you can see quite a bit of "free" area running along the river . hopefully
the plan is to use this rather than suburban streets.


I'm not really sure what the solution is, but I feel pretty ripped off if
all we get is a bit of paint on the side of the road. I think a few more
questions regarding the exact route would be appropriate and I'll let you
all know when I find out more.


Also, did anyone else notice the letter to the editor in the Sydney Morning
Herald on Oct 17 ??




Vicious cycleway turns into a maze

Ride to work day today is not possible if you live in Sydney's north-west.
Millions have been spent on providing a cycleway beside the north-west
T-way. For most of its length it looks great, but it's useless. A section,
about 500 metres, is missing between Constitution Hill and the Cumberland
Highway. It is not possible to complete a journey between Parramatta and
Toongabbie. From Parramatta the cycleway ends abruptly, dumping cyclists at
one of the busiest intersections in Sydney with no way forward. From the
other direction, cyclists are in a maze of suburban streets that seem to go

The RTA must be brought to account for this absurdity and its incompetent
design. No wonder this city's transport is in such a mess when good ideas
are executed so incompletely.

Greg Pendlebury Winston Hills



Is greg on this list ?? If so . well done greg.



Anyway, for those interested, I have included a copy of the email from
council below .




Bernie Carpenter




Mr Bernie Carpenter



Dear Mr Carpenter 


Your Reference: 000720351 Our Reference: F2004/06380 

            Contact:            Neville Davis 

            Telephone:        98065131 

            Fax:      9806 5953 

           16 October 2007 


Extension to North West T -Way Cycleway at Wentworthville 


I refer to your email of 26 September 2007 seeking information about any
action being taken by Council regarding the "missing link" section of
cycleway adjoining the North West T-Way at Wentworthville. 


The Roads and Traffic Authority (RT A) are the responsible authority for the
construction of the North West T-Way project including the cycleway
component They did not complete the missing section of the cycleway you
refer to which would connect Hammers Road at Old Windsor Road to Old Windsor
Road and Hart Drive (Cumberland Highway). 


This "missing link" of the cycleway has been subject to lengthy negotiations
between Council and the RT A over the last three months. At this stage the
RT A have agreed in principle to pay Council to undertake the construction
of the cycleway. This decision was based on several factors namely: 

*	The remainder of the North West T -Way has been completed and the
contractor has moved on to other large projects; 
*	The most viable option for the location of the additional cycleway
is via Ferndale Close through Council's small park in Kelvin Street to
Cumberland Highway; 
*	Council has the resources to undertake the design, construction and
management of the project 


We are currently preparing the detailed design and cost estimate for the
project which will then be subject to further consultation with the RT A.
This will not be completed until early November, 2007. 


Once final agreement has been reached with the RT A regarding the design and
cost of the project Council will immediately proceed in obtaining quotations
for the work to proceed. However, the project may not commence until
February, 2008 in view of the Christmas / New Year period. 

The RT A are also separately considering additional funding towards
alterations to the traffic signals at the Old Windsor Road and Cumberland
Highway intersection to provide new sequencing for cyclists use of these


If you would like any further information regarding this matter please
contact John Navamani, Senior Project Manager of the RT A on 8887 0222. 


Thank you for your related enquiry about the information about cycleways on
Council's website. I wjll make arrangements to have current information
reviewed and amended. 


We are currently reviewing the Parramatta Bike Plan and have an annual
capital works program which funds further extension of our cycleway network.
In recent years this has mainly focused on the Parramatta River Foreshore
area in the CBD and also in the Granville area. 


Please direct any enquiries regarding Council's current design project for
the alternate route of the proposed cycleway to me on 9806 5131. 


Yours sincerely 

Neville Davis 

Service Manager Open Space Planning 

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