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Hello again list,


Thanks for the email John regarding the article in the Advertiser. I had to
dig the paper out of the re-cycling - I never usually read the local papers.
I will be certain to write to the editor. For those who missed the paper or
don't get it, I have scanned the article (including the picture of Peter
Garrett) and uploaded it here : 




... the text of the article is as follows :



Bike link promised 




David Borger, Peter Garrett, Julie Owens and Kate Lundy walk one of
Parramatta's popular cycleways.


PETER Garrett came to the Parra-matta electorate on Wednesday to announce a
Labor promise of a $1.5 million package to link cycleways from Parramatta to


The high-profile Opposition spokesman for climate change, environment,
heritage and the arts joined Parramatta Labor MP Julie Owens, Opposition
sports spokeswoman Senator Kate Lundy as well as Granville State Labor MP
and Parramatta councillor David Borger at the Cumberland Highway underpass
at Old Toongabbie to make the announcement. 


Mr Garrett said making it easier for people to cycle to work would help
reduce greenhouse gas emissions created by transport. 


Labor is promising to link paths across three local government areas -
Parramatta, Blacktown and Holroyd - to create an inte-grated network. 


Ms Owens said she had fought to link bike tracks, such as the one that ended
at the corner of the Cumberland Highway and Old Windsor Rd. 


She said she wanted to ensure "a safe continuous experience for families". 


"At the moment cyclists are being forced out on to the Cumberland Highway;
this is not safe and puts many cyclists off all together," Ms Owens said. 


Cr Borger said Parramatta Council was working hard to extend bike tracks,
particularly along the Parramatta River and through bushland. 


"It will be a great thing to see all these tracks integrated into one plan,"
Cr Borger said. 


Is a new link between cycleways from Parramatta to Blacktown needed? Email a
letter to editor at parramattaadvertiser,com,au



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