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   for those of you planning to be at the BNSW AGM tomorrow, this may be of interest to you,

John Holstein

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I have been asked by a few people to add to my Board profile as it was
o short, since I stuck to the requested word limit. In answer to your
uestions, I don't know why others were not asked to reduce their
tatements or why I was not asked to add to mine, nor do I know the
nswer about the additional line about 'Jon Leighton yes/no'. Feel
ree to pass this around to members. Hopefully I will see you
Statement for the Bicycle NSW Board
xperience and qualifications:

y experience - for the past 7 years I've worked in or with
ot-for-profit community based organisations. This included setting up
 management accreditation program and assessing organisations, so I
ave a good insight into the pitfalls and strengths of small to medium
rganisations. I continue to work with a standard setting agency
eviewing organisations for accreditation. Prior to my commitment to
he community sector I spent  a decade working for government in
ommunications and ministerial liaison positions. I have post graduate
egrees in communications, policy, public health, and management.
I want to bring the strengths I have in community management and
dvocacy to the NSW Board – my experience working in human rights,
epresenting older people and people with disabilities .    These are
he same skills I've used for promoting cycling in my local area. The
esults locally have been encouraging .   For example, we have
elationships with all areas of council from the transport planner to
he heritage committee, regular contact with local media and even
ational media.
Advocacy in community organisations needs sensitive handling .  I have
orked with many organisations that have developed good working models
hat get results and strengthen the organisation. If done correctly, a
ommunity organisation should not be operating from a place of fear,
ut of trust that their membership and other stakeholders will
ontinue to provide support as they extend their reach. I believe the
oard needs a balance of skills and experiences, the one I add is a
trong professional, background in advocacy.
One night last week I attended a meeting of representatives of BUGS. I
as impressed with the turn out, the commitment, the range of
xperience and skills in the room. It made me realise that this is
hat Bicycle NSW is about and why I'm standing. Its not only the
esponsibilities a Board member has to the financial and legal
equirements, it is how to represent and harness this wealth found in
he membership.

hen members cast their vote I hope they will think about what a
alanced board will look like and that I will be part of the future of
 strong advocacy organisation.
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