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Dear CAMWESTies,

If anyone knows someone they want to nominate...

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	Friday 30 Nov
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Thankyou if you have put in a nomination for a Bicycling Achievement Award,
and/or if you have been helping us to promote the Awards. Please note, the
deadline for applications is closing next Friday, 30 November. [Please note,
our site experienced technical difficulties for a while, which are now
fixed, but we're concerned we may have missed some applications. If you have
put in a nomination, can you please reply to this email so that I may cross
check that we have received it. Thanks.]

We know there is plenty of good work going on around the country to promote
and encourage cycling, and would love to see as many people and
organisations as possible who are involved nominated for a Bicycling
Achievement Award. All nominations will be summarised and included in a
booklet that will be on our website, and hard copies will be distributed far
and wide, enabling promotion as well as recognition. In addition, winners
will receive a $1,000 cash prize.

The Award categories are:

*	Cycling Promotion Award of the Year - Professional and Honorary

*	Special Achievement Award by a Bicycle Organisation 

*	Local Government Award for Initiative to Encourage and Promote

*	Award for Educational Institution for Innovation in Encouraging
Cycling to School 

*	Award for Bicycle Friendly Business 

*	Award for Contribution towards Cycling by a Politician 

*	Award for Contribution towards Cycling by a Bicycle Retailer

Nominations are easier than ever this year, with an online entry facility at
<http://www.cyclingawards.com.au> www.cyclingawards.com.au
Please go to the site to find out more about the Awards or to download a
booklet from a previous year. 
Feel free to contact me if you'd like more information or a nomination form
emailed or posted to you.

Many thanks, and happy cycling, 

Kathy Brunning
Executive Assistant, Cycling Promotion Fund
PO Box 3052 Auburn Victoria 3123
Ph 03-9818-5400 Fax 03-9818-4535
An initiative of the Bicycling Industry in Australia

If you are receiving this email, you have been included in our Bicycle User
and Club contact list. We use this list to inform Bicycle User Groups and
Clubs about upcoming events, information about cycling, funding
opportunities and campaigns. If you would like to be taken off this list
please send us an email and let us know.

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