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                    I think this is a good idea. I cannot see BNSW getting organised as fast as MASSBug appears to have done.
I am happy to liaise with Brenda re same, but how about some input from the rest of the list as to issues that affect us. 

Some suggestions from me are:-

Lobbying Local Government Areas prior to the next elections scheduled for around November 2008. This is the area. I believe, where the BUGs can have the greatest impact on cycling. Every BUG should have access to or a representative on the LGAs that they represent

Discussion of the results of the Cycling Promotion Fund Survey of BUG's that was held recently. Results are comprehensive & available as a PDF Download from their website.

Development of a network of experts within the BUG's such as ride leaders, insurance, lobbying, press releases and so on that can be accessed easily.

Relationship between BUG's & other cycling bodies such as CPF, Bicycle federation of Australia, Cycling NSW, BNSW & etc,.

What are your thoughts & additions to my list?


John Holstein

"if we don't change direction, we will end up where we are headed"

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Dear CAMWESTies, 

Could someone please answer this? 

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Hi, I left a phone message for Robert, please get back to me if you 

have any questions about following - thanks, Brenda on behalf of 

massbug 8898 6522 

I'm contacting you on behalf of the Marrickville South Sydney Bike 

Group.  I'd like to talk to you about a proposal our group is putting 

up to hold a get together for BUGs. The following questions are to 

gauge interest in our proposal. 

The BUG council which met early November agreed they would like a 

conference for bugs. MASSBUG will offer to organise the first 

conference if there is enough support from other BUGS. To help us work 

this out, below are three questions about whether you think this is a 

good idea. 

I must stress that although a recommendation came out of the BUGs 

council to hold a conference, this is an initiative of MASSBUG and not 

the Council or Bicycle NSW. It is intended as providing a service 

where BUG representatives can share and learn from each other on 

practical matters. 

 Could you please let me know: 

1. Would your bug accept this offer of MASSBUG organising the 

conference?  Would your BUG be interested in sending representatives? 

 2. If you can’t agree on behalf of your bug – how long will it take 

for your bug to decide? (meeting of massbug to decide if there is 

enough support to continue is first week of Dec.) 

General proposal – a one day conference on a Saturday in late 

February, representatives from each bug to be invited, small fee to 

cover catering, located in or near CBD, very interactive – all 

sessions workshop based. 

3. If you are interested in the proposal, what are your top 4 

issues/topics you would like to workshop eg media, working with local 

councils, facilities and road design – we will shape conference around 

most wanted topics. Make them as specific or general as you like. 

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