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 Rob & Others,

I am certainly interested in seeing CAMWest up & running in full mode again. 

Also, there is a new BUG that has recently affiliated with BNSW that is based in Blacktown, so that may take some of the pressure off us & allow us to operate in a smaller geographical area. There is also a workplace BUG at Westmead Children's Hospital.

I have submitted my resignation from the Board of BNSW but intend to keep an association through the newly forming BUG's Council, so I may have some more time to devote to local issues & also running some rides.

Does anyone think it a good idea to try and gather some interest in CAMWest by running a couple of articles in the local press?


John Holstein

"if we don't change direction, we will end up where we are headed"

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    Hi everyone,    CAMWEST has been running president-less for several years.  Mark Robson   has agreed to fill the position for now.  The urgency for a president has come about due to the need to   're-register' CAMWEST as a BUG of Bicycle NSW by the end of this week.  Rob Catford is secretary at present, but is happy to step down if   someone else is keen to take over.  I'm treasurer at the moment.    Just wondering if people would be interested in having a meeting   sometime in the near future to discuss possible directions for CAMWEST   and also possibly to see whether other people may be interested in   stepping up to be involved in one of the 'official' positions.  (I guess   this is called an AGM!)    Any thoughts?    --     cheers,    Rob  -------------------------------------------------------  http://www.robkemp.id.au   - Trying to live more sustainably    Ph (h) 02 9864 8797  (w) 02 9296 1561   _______________________________________________  CAMWEST-discuss maili
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