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My home is available on Sunday 16 December. It's a difficult time of year, 
what with Xmas parties etc. If this date and place does not suit we may need 
to wait until February. What do others think?
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> Hi everyone,
> CAMWEST has been running president-less for several years.  Mark Robson
> has agreed to fill the position for now.
> The urgency for a president has come about due to the need to
> 're-register' CAMWEST as a BUG of Bicycle NSW by the end of this week.
> Rob Catford is secretary at present, but is happy to step down if
> someone else is keen to take over.  I'm treasurer at the moment.
> Just wondering if people would be interested in having a meeting
> sometime in the near future to discuss possible directions for CAMWEST
> and also possibly to see whether other people may be interested in
> stepping up to be involved in one of the 'official' positions.  (I guess
> this is called an AGM!)
> Any thoughts?
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> cheers,
> Rob
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