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 Hello all,

??????????? another site for ride routes is an Aussie one called Gutter Monkey.(www.guttermonkey.org) It is similar to Bikely except that it is also designed to connect people together for rides  and has links to the Bike Bus concept. I believe that your Bikely rides are able to be imported into Gutter Monkey 

certainly worth a look. 


John Holstein

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    Hi Rob       FYI     WINDSOR Cyclist site has the bikely routes for all our main rides with notes  etc for our area plus down loadable map & full ride descriptions all read up  & running, had thse in place ever since Bikely came on market    We even plot our away travel & then delete when finished.    GH    -----Original Message-----  From: camwest-discuss-bounces at nicku.org  [mailto:camwest-discuss-bounces at nicku.org] On Behalf Of Nick Urbanik  Sent: Tuesday, 11 December 2007 6:07 AM  To: Rob Kemp  Cc: CAMWEST-discuss at nicku.org  Subject: Re: [CAMWEST-discuss] Camwest Ride routes    Dear Rob,    On 08/12/07 19:25 +1100, Rob Kemp wrote:  > Hi Nick,  >  > I think I suggested some time back that I thought it might be good to   > add some ride routes to the Camwest website - To build up a bit of a   > database.  As I've been doing rides I've been adding them to the   > bikely website, and trying to fully document them - Hopefulyy so that   > virtually anyone could download the 
 cuesheets and be able to follow   > the ride.    An excellent idea!    > I hope to add the rides that I've documented to my website soonish.  > In the meantime, I've updated some of the rides on bikely, and done a   > very basic webpage (without styling) pointing to the rides.  I've   > tried to include most of the notes etc within the bikely site, so that   > these don't need to be elaborated on elsewhere.    Yes, documenting them on Bikely is very helpful to people wanting to see  what's involved in the ride.    > See http://www.members.optusnet.com.au/robkemp66/WestSydRides.htm.    > Just wondering whether you think something along these lines would   > work with the camwest site.    Yes, I do.    > As can be seen, I've divided my page into two headings:   > Multiday Tours and Single Day recreational rides.  I think another   > good category would be one-way routes between major destination  ie   > Blacktown - Parramatta, Parramatta - City.    Yes, we have a lot of people
  asking about comuting routes.  I can add some  things about getting
 to the city.    > When I get some more time, I want to add longer multiday tours which   > I've done to my site, which is probably not so appropriate for the camwest  site.  > Feel free to grab the contents of the above page and massage the   > layout & styling as you see fit.    "Yer blood's worth bottling!"  Thank you very much.  I'll add this on the  weekend.  --   Nick Urbanik   RHCE         http://nicku.org        nicku at nicku.org  GPG: 7FFA CDC7 5A77 0558 DC7A 790A 16DF EC5B BB9D 2C24 ID: BB9D2C24  _______________________________________________  CAMWEST-discuss mailing list  CAMWEST-discuss at nicku.org  http://nicku.org/mailman/listinfo/camwest-discuss  CAMWEST web site: http://camwest.pps.com.au/     

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