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Rob Kemp robkemp at tpg.com.au
Wed Dec 12 08:53:53 UTC 2007

Hi Graham,
    Great to hear you're back home again....I expect that PC is getting 
quite a workout at the moment!
    I think it would be good to set up some guidelines for rides that 
are 'published' on the camwest site.  I think it would also be good if 
other people reviewed them - I know that in the descriptions/comments 
I've made a number of mistakes that I've only picked up several months 
later (eg putting a Right hand turn when it should be left etc).
    I've been trying to describe the rides to the level that someone 
unfamiliar with the area should be able to print out the cue sheets and 
follow the route successfully.  Sometimes easier said than done!
    The nomenclature that I've been trying to stick to lately is to put 
comments in brackets eg (Top of hill), (Caution: Dangerous 
Intersection), (Shops on left, toilet and drinking water in park on 
right) as distinct from 'commands': Turn right into Bent St.
    I also try to plot enough points so that the elevation profile works 
(as well as it can, with it's limitations).  This has got a lot easier 
in the last few weeks, with the inclucsion of the 'Auto-follow the road' 
feature. (Note that it can do some weird and wonderful things sometimes, 
and needs to be disabled if going on a non-road section.  It also 
sometimes doesn't pick the roads you think it will/that you want.  I've 
found that the trick is to only let it do short sections at a time.).
Just picking out a couple of examples:

    On http://www.bikely.com/maps/bike-path/Kurrajong-Hills, the 
elevation profile doesn't work (possibly because the distance between 
marked point is too great??) which also means the accuracy of the 
distances on the cue sheets will suffer.
    No mention of:
    - Right hand turn from Freemans Reach Rd into Hibberts Lane (Point 
    - Turn left into continuation of Hibberts Lane
    - Left turn from Hibberts Lane into Kurmond Rd (Point 26)
    - Right turn from Kurmond into Bells Line of Road (Point 49)
no detail of mentioned 'backstreets' between Windsor Rd (point 3) and 
Old Stockroute Rd (point 10).   
    The way that the routes have been done at present are fine for those 
who know the area and just need a brief reminder of the main roads used, 
but if people are depending on the cue sheets for accurate distances and 
directions, then I think they'll get frustrated at best.
    I think bikely is a fantastic resource, and we might as well put the 
time and effort into documenting the routes fully so that others can 
enjoy them as well!

Hi Rob


WINDSOR Cyclist site has the bikely routes for all our main rides with notes
etc for our area plus down loadable map & full ride descriptions all read up
& running, had thse in place ever since Bikely came on market

We even plot our away travel & then delete when finished.




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