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Rob Kemp robkemp at tpg.com.au
Wed Dec 12 10:30:25 UTC 2007

Quoting jonhol2 at netscape.net:

>  Hello all,
> Another site for ride routes is an Aussie one called
> Gutter Monkey.(www.guttermonkey.org) It is similar to Bikely except
> that it is also designed to connect people together for rides  and
> has links to the Bike Bus concept. I believe that your Bikely rides
> are able to be imported into Gutter Monkey 

Hi John,

Bikely was originally Aussie too - (Jules, the site's designer, lived in
Melbourne), although it has since been purchased by a UK company.  Jules
is still involved with the site design, although I think he's living
overseas too.
I've been having a bit of a look at guttermonkey lately, but unless I'm
missing something, it's not as comprehensive as Bikely.  The one
advantage that it does have is that it will find routes within a certain
radius of a location, apparently without the person entering the route
having to input localities.
Bikely has a 'find' function, but it relies on the person entering the
route to also enter locality names and it will only find those names in
it's search.
As far as I can see guttermonkey doesn't allow for comments at
particular points on the route, and doesn't have a cue-sheet function or
elevation profile function.   Maybe the ideal would be to map the route
out on both guttermonkey & bikely, then in the opening comments for the
route in guttermonkey include the url for the route in bikely, where
people can see the cue sheets and elevation profile etc.
Or am I missing something?



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