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Hi all


Here is the info as discussed after Tue evening's meeting. For Council and / or  CAMWest involvement please respond asap to Elizabeth Hole and October Sun as below.





It is out of area, but your comments are appreciated before I respond to Liz.



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Hi Carolyn

FYI thought that Bike North may be interested in having a stand the expo

Kind regards

Elizabeth Hole
Chief Operating Officer 
Bicycle NSW

T: 02 9218 5414
M: 0438 225 655
Fax: 02 9281 6099

Internet: www.bicyclensw.org.au

Internet: www.bicyclensw.org.au
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Subject: Australia Day event , Invite to stall holders

Dear Elizabeth,
Ben Eadie may have contacted you recently regarding the upcoming
Parrramatta Council Australia Day event taking place on January 26th,
2008. We were hoping that you were still interested in participating.

The festival is an annual event held on Parramatta River which attracts
approximately 70,000 attendees and features an amazing array of
entertainment and activities throughout the day.

As part of this years event October Sun has been asked to facilitate an
eco-festival and it is to this end that you have been invited to

Called the Exploratum the eco-festival will feature eco-workshops,
interactive displays including a permaculture panalvan and the famous
frog mobile, a hard-hitting eco-forum, an eco-market place, kids
workshops, roving performers and entertainment throughout the day.

Attached is an information sheet and application form for your perusal.
Feel free to contact myself on 0431 461 599, or Ben on 0422 871 327 for
further information. I look foward to hearing from you.

Cheers, Emma.

Emma Peel
0431 461 599
October Sun Enterprises


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