[CAMWEST-discuss] Cylcing route to Olympic Park

Robert Ching robching at people.net.au
Wed Dec 12 11:30:04 UTC 2007

I would be happy to show you. There are 2 ways you can go depending on
whether you are approaching from the north side of Parra or south side.

Wigram St down the M4 via duct is the best way if you are heading from south
of the Parra River.

If from north of Victoria Rd, you can head down Thomas St, behind UWS, pop
out briefly on Victoria Rd past BP, short stint along the Rydalmere
industrial and back onto the Parramatta Valley Cycleway.

Email me, happy to show you the way. After work or Sat morning or Sunday

Robert Ching

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Dear Angela,

On 10/12/07 11:02 +1100, Klammer, Angela wrote:
>Hello Nick,
>Thanks for the invite, however I am unable to attend as I will be

Sorry, yes, the notice was a little short.

>I was hoping you can point me in the right direction; my friend
>Dianne and I attempted to ride from Parramatta to Olympic Park using
>the cycle way map.  We came unstuck at Camellia - Thackeray St, as
>there were fences and gates and it appeared to be over grown (it must
>have been closed for some time)and we were not able to cross the

Yes, I understand that Sydney Water are doing maintenance on the
pipes over the bridge.  It has been closed for many months.

>Is there an alternative way?

Ah, there is always a way!

Eventually, the new bridges in the Parramatta Valley Cycleway will
link Thomas Street, Uni of Western Sydney, and South Street, over
Vineyard and Subiaco Creeks.  Some wrangling with Rheam is holding
this back, and it may be necessary to go up to Victoria Road for a
short bit to get around those missing links.  You can ride to the
northern side of the Thackeray Street bridge and continue along the
cycleway, up to the Silverwater Bridge.

An alternative is to go along the M4 bypass cycleway from around
Holroyd sportsground, or any of the many roads that join it from the
north (including Wigram Street, Harris Street, Good Street,...) and
ride all the way to the Louise Suavage Pathway.

It mainly depends on which part of Parramatta you are coming from.
>It would be great if Camwest could schedule a ride for the Parra to
>Oly Pk route again.  I know they have had them in the past, however I
>kept missing them!

Okay, I'll CC this to the CAMWEST discuss list, and perhaps someone
will step up to the plate!
>Have a great day, and I hope Camwest will continue to schedule the
>rides in the Parramatta area for next year.

Oh, there are some terrific ride leaders there; I'm sure someone will
do this eventually.
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