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Thats an excellent initiative John. Keep me posted as I work for Dept
of Veterans Affairs in Parramatta and can promote the event through our

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Fellow CAMWesties,

was really great to see such a positive group at Ian's on Sunday & also to see CAMWest 'revitalised'. I hope that we can move forward throughout 2008 and build a group that is valued in the cycling world in Western Sydney. Now is an excellent time to be pushing for more and improved infrastructure and promotong cycling. 

I hope we can build on the hard work that has been done by CAMWest in the past so that the efforts of Ian and his band of members was not in vain. We are working in a much more supportive and positive climate now, compared to the early days of CAMWest and they must be commended and thanked for their efforts to date as they have laid the foundations for our organistaion to move forward more easilly.

Minutes from the meeting and new executive positions will be circulated shortly. One matter that was discussed was a proposed event for Seniors Week. I have been working with Bicycle NSW & we have secured funding to the tune of $800-00 to run an event. Included below is a proposed Press release. Please feel free to comment on its contents. If you wish to obtain a copy for your local media, please email me & I will send you a copy in "Word" that you can print out or forward on. 

I will also be looking for half a dozen volunteers for the day & I hope to trial the bike rodeo concept prior to the actual day.


To help celebrate 50 Years of Seniors Week activities, Western Sydney based Bicycle User Group, Cyclist Action Movement West (CAMWest) intend holding a ‘Return to Cycling’ Event at Parramatta Park on Tuesday 8 April 2008.

The event will be held as part of Seniors Week in conjunction with DADHC, Bicycle NSW & Parramatta City Council and will focus on developing basic riding skills for Seniors to encourage them to return to cycling for sport, fitness and leisure.

Event coordinator and Promotions Officer for CAMWest, John Holstein said, “The old adage, ’It’s just like riding a bike’ is not really true. Cycling is a perishable skill that needs to be practised to retain proficiency. We hope to present a full day of practical activity focusing on bike selection and fitting, Road Rules, basic riding and balance skills, cycling fitness and stretching exercises based on the concept of a Bicycle Rodeo.” 

Contrary to the term, “Rodeo” don’t expect thrills, spills and bucking bikes. Participants will engage in a range of slow speed exercises designed to build confidence in their cycling ability and balance. These activities will include hazard avoidance, maximum braking techniques, safe areas to ride and where to acquire further skills. The day will culminate in an optional 2 or 3 km ride around Parramatta Park. You will acquire skills that you may wish to pass on to others such as fellow Seniors or the Grand Kids.

It is hoped to utilise the skills of the NSW Police Bike Squad Instructors for the day and guest speakers are being approached to attend. Instruction on stretching and exercises will be provided by a registered Physiotherapist.


Elizabeth Hole, Chief Operating Officer for Bicycle NSW said, “This is a brand new initiative to promote cycling and healthy living for Seniors. I am absolutely delighted to be working at this level with Seniors and although it is still some time off for me, I hope that at that time, someone will be doing the same for my generation. It is very important at any age to stay fit and healthy and riding a bicycle is a fun way to do this.”

 Lunch & morning tea will be provided, free of charge. Spaces are limited and available to Seniors only. You will need to book early for this exciting event. You can find out more and register your interest by contacting John Holstein on 02 96862391 or visit our website at www.camwest.pps.com.au.


John Holstein

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