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Fellow CAMWESTies,
??????????????????????????????? some developments on this issue. Holroyd Council will be holding a meeting at 3.30pm tomorrow 30/4/08 at thr Hylands Rd Intersection of the canal path to discuss this closure & proposed crossing. Mark Robson & myself will probably attend on behalf of CAMWEST & I mentioned the Western Sydney Cycleways Movement to the Council as well & it is possible someone from there will attend.

It appears the original plan was to put a bridge over the bus way, but that has changed now to a set of traffic lights and a pedestrian crossing. I hope they realise that one brain injury from a collision will cost more than the bridge.

We will keep you posted.

John Holstein
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Dear Mark and CAMWESTies,?
On 28/04/08 11:37 +1000, Mark Robson wrote:?
>The Lower Prospect Canal cyclepath is CLOSED between the Hylands Rd?
>ramp and Prospect Reserviour from April 28th until October 1st. A?
>sign was erected to inform cyclists of the closure only last week.?
> >The purpose of the closure seems to be 'realignment' of the path to?
>make way for a new road through the area.?
Ian told me that this week's Parramatta Advertiser has an article?
about this. I am trying to get a copy so I can scan it and put in on?
the web site (also so I can read it!). But neither me nor my?
neighbours have it, and I wonder if you or anyone else has a copy that?
we could scan and put on the web site.?
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