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Dear CAMWESTies,

Anyone who wants to promote bike friendly systems in Sydney on TV?

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To whom this may concern, I am from the UWS communications art
department and currently we are putting together a talk show about the
use of transport in the sydney area and subsequently the introduction
of bikes and bike lanes. One of the short films being showed will be
about bike usuage in Sydney. Currently we are seeking guests for the
program who will be able to give a professional and personal
opinion/view about the lack of bike lanes and bike friendly systems in
sydney.  We believe this could be very beneficial for any parties
involved as it is a free tv advertisement for there cause or group and
in turn they could have there opinion told.Could you suggest any
groups who would be interested, or please forward my details on to any
person you think would want to be a part of this.the date of filming
is the 27th May at the university of western sydney werrington south
campus, and the guests would need to be available from 3.30pm to
6pm. If you would like to verify any deatils with our tutors please
feel free to contact walter tauber at w.tauber at uws.edu.auYou help
would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
chelsea votano

student number UWS: 15943154

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