[CAMWEST-discuss] Bicycle NSW Constitution changes and conduct of AGM

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Dear CAMWESTies,

Another response, this from Graeme Edwards:

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I can understand Ken's frustration at how slow things seem to move and
his opinion of committees in general but as BUGs we need to be a bit
careful or we may find ourselves without any avenue to discuss issues
with BNSW. You will all be aware that the definition of a BUG and the
relationship of a BUG to BNSW is not defined in the BNSW
constitution. Technically BNSW is only responsible to its members and
their participation in or out of a BUG is irrelevant. BUGs as such
have no standing with BNSW only BNSW members do.

Whilst it might be clear to all of us that are active in our BUGs what
a BUG is and what it does the same can not be said for BNSW.  One
might argue that there is a long standing precedent as to the
relationship of BNSW to BUGs but that is as yet untested.

The main focus of the BUG Council at the moment is to define the BNSW
BUG relationship in the hope that the BNSW Board will endorse it.
Once the BNSW/BUG relationship is endorsed BUGs will then have the
right to take issue with BNSW and highlight what they believe to be
deficiencies or lack of action. Until that time there is little BUGs
can do.

Just as in advocacy it is all to late once the concrete is on the
ground so if you want to have a say in how the BNSW/BUG relationship
will turn out then get yourself along to the BUG Council
meeting. Everyone is invited. If you choose not to be part of the
process then don't be surprised if you don't end up with a what you

Graeme Edwards

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