[CAMWEST-discuss] Lower Blue Mountains rides?

Michael Goard mpgoard at ihug.com.au
Tue May 27 02:18:47 UTC 2008


See The Fat Hippy's pages on the Oaks Fire Trail and other Blue Mountains 
rides, and recent updates re work and related park closures.



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> Hi all,
> I am relatively new to the area but have taken several train trips up to
> the Blue Mountains.  I often notice mountain bike riders boarding the
> train at Glenbrook station and then getting off at Woodford.  I assume
> there must be a popular ride in the Blue Mountains National Park between
> these two points.  Does anyone know what this is called and where more
> information might be found?
> Thanks, I know this is a bit off-topic for CamWest but it is in the
> west!  :-)
> --Jeremy
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