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G'day all,
I pruchassed a reasonably expensive BMX bike for my greansdson for his sixth birthday from a very reputable dealer and friend.  After stripping the pedal bearings and cleaning the metal shavings and regreasing, likewise the bottom bracket bearing and freewheel bearing, cheaking both the wheel and head bearing which needed no work and tightening the spokes on both wheels and retruing them he has riden the bike for 3 years no problems(now getting too small).  The moral is the cheaper the bike the cheaper the equipment the higher the likelyhood of poor construction.  The countries where these are built the workers are paid a pitance per unit and are often not knowledgeable engineering wise.
Buy the bike if you must but for reliability, strip all bearings clean regrease and adjust, and tighten the spokes and retrue the wheels.  For me this is standard procedure for bikes into the several $1000's range.  I know they should be right but they are all made to a price not a standard so courners are always cut.  I have never stripped a new bike and not found fundamental problems, the most common on high end gear (Shimano XT and Ultrega) is over-tight bearings and spokes too lose to be reliable.  But often find the problems that I found in my grandsons bike.
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Did anybody see the bikes that Super Cheap Auto were flogging off for $129 in their latest catalouge?

Yes its cheap. the instructions aren't in english (although most people should be able to work it out without them), but i'm considering it as I need to spend some money on my bike and this would work out cheaper to start with something else even as a second bike. It is cheap in some areas, but for the riding that i do (not extreme), i think it would stand up to it.

Main Cons for Me.....

* Hannah's baby seat won't be able to be put on it 
* there doesn't appear to be an easy way to put it on my cars bike rack.

Your opinions????

Mark Rutledge
attesa at bigpond.net.au

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