[CAMWEST-discuss] Open Cycle Map

Rob Kemp robkemp at tpg.com.au
Sun Jul 26 11:39:56 UTC 2009

Hi everyone,

I recently discovered OpenCycleMap & OpenStreetMap on the web.
Basically, OpenStreetMap is a wiki style user editable non-copyright map 
of the world.
'Ways' or 'Points of interest' are added by users, who then add tags to 
these items.
OpenCycleMap extracts or highlights all the cycling related information 
in the OpenStrretMap database.

I've recently purchased a GPS, and have been riding some of the streets 
and shared paths, then uploading the 'tracks' to the OpenStreetMap 
website and adding appropriate tags.
Some parts of Sydney have been mapped farily comprehensively, but there 
are parts of Western Sydney that have gaping holes, particuarly in 
relation to shared paths.
Note that only 'official' routes should normally be added to the 
database (as opposed to your favourite routes).  There is at least one 
website, http://www.bikemap.net/, which lets you select different base 
maps (Under the 'Terrain' list button).  'OSM Cycle' can be selected, 
and your favourite routes overlayed on this basemap.  It would be great 
if bikely added this feature sometime in the future......

I see this as a major step forward in making cycling routes and 
facilities available to the general public.  Written maps are good, but 
get out of date quickly. With this system, as soon as a route/shared 
path is completed, it can be added to the site.  It's not dependent on 
the whims of councils or the RTA.  The maps can also be uploaded to a GPS.

I've put some links and notes on the Sydney Cyclist website - See 

Would anyone either like to do some mapping on their own, or join me on 
some mapping rides?



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