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While Carl makes some valid points and as Minister he did more for cycling than any minister before or since.

I happen to disagree with Carl.  The roads are paid for by rates, developer contributions, fuel excise, and state taxes which we all pay either directly or indirectly so we all have a right to use the roadsm.  That cyclists using the road network are cash positive to the community is also overlooked by Carl.  Reducing congestion, pollution, raising the health of the cyclist etc.

But most importantly Carl has not considered the consequences of this article.


There will be little choice for people to get around except by bicycle on our roads within 20 years and my bet is within 10 years.  I have just turned 60 and I still recon I will be able to ride the M2/M7 main lanes on a bicycle without having to worry about traffic in 2025, I will be 76.  Any bets?

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In case you haven’t seen this already, there was a fairly depressing article in this mornings SMH from Carl Scully, the former Minister for Petrol-Driven Vehicles, I mean Roads. 
http://www.smh. com.au/opinion/ politics/ cyclists- do-not-have- the-same- rights-as- motorists- on-roads- 20091111- i7wf.html
Carl makes the remarkable assertion that our bikes have no right to be on the roads, although the department he once headed says very specifically that they have exactly that!
He trots out the hoary old argument about cyclists not paying for the roads (I guess he means the cyclists without petrol-driven vehicles of their own), and generally pushes a “Cars are King” line that sounds like a throwback to a bygone era (except in Sydney, as we know).
Anyway,  the great majority of the online comments attached to the story are strongly disagreeing with Carl’s view of the bike-vs-car universe.
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