[CAMWEST-discuss] Sharing our road space or dedicated bike ways?

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G'day all,
There are financial issues building overseas, related to both residential and commertial property mortgages that will come to a head about the middle of 2011.  It is difficult to forcast but the potential of the value of mortgage defaults is in the hundreds of billions or even trillions (12 zeros) of dollars.  Putting great strain on the global financial system, with governments already in great debt, bailouts will be difficult.  This will mean very little money will be available for borrowing for any purpose, causing interest rates to raise and liquidity to be very tight.  Coupled with the decline in global oil production projected (by the IEA) to start impacting supply around 2012 and the introduction of probably global Emissions Trading Schemes (ETS) that raise the cost of all forms of energy consumption, including the cost of manufacturing all metals and particularly high-energy-input batteries and the cost of electricity, the future looks
 bleak indeed.

Some people are against any ETS because it will hurt the economy, but I ask this question:  "If you were on a space station and had to choose between continuing to do the work of the space station or putting a large % of your effort into the life support system of the space station instead, which would you choose?"  I think the answer is clear.

We are all on a space ship called Earth!

The ETS that is being proposed at the moment is a dogs breakfast of a scheme but it is the best we have at the moment.

My guess is that by about 2015 the volume of traffic on the roads will be reduced because of the cost factors involved, once that traffic reduction is apparent it is time to start to convert road lanes to dedicated cycling lanes.  So we have a five year window to advocate for this to happen and for cyclists to have much higher legal status on the roads.

Legal priority would be good, that means that if another vehicle causes a cyclist to crash or is involved in a collision with a cyclist, the driver of other vehicle has legal liability. 

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Although written by a Melbourne man this may be of interest.
IanDampen the rage among users of our congested roads by building commuter bike ways in our cities.    [To read the full article, visit http://www.onlineopinion.com.au/view.asp?article=9719

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