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Dr James Hansen an atmospheric physicist of high repute has criticised cap and trade to control Global Warming and promotes a direct tax on the fossil fuels causing the warming instead.  Dr Clive Spash an economist specifically employed by the CSIRO to study the economics of Global Warming has come out with exactly the same advice, despite the CSIRO trying to gag him and his views.
It is time that we all write letters to our federal politicians demanding that they listen to the experts in the field instead of the vested interests.
Once a cap and trade system is in place it will be very difficult to change and/or dismantle.  However a direct tax on fossil fuels will be very flexible in both the rates and directions of the tax, making it a much more desirable system to tailor to the needs at the time.
A direct tax on fossil fuels will also provide governments with the resources to build the infrastructure needed to reduce our emissions and to provide relief through reduced taxes and/or payments to both industries and individuals.
A direct tax on fossil fuels would also reduce our consumption of the fuels conserving them for future generations.  We have already reach global peak oil production (International Energy Agency Nov 2009) and peak production of natural gas is less than a decade away as is global peak energy production.
Reducing our emissions to lower the impact of GLobal Warming will damage our economy and hurt individuals but:  Uncontrolled decline in energy production and rampant Global Warming will be far worse.
Do write to your local federal politician on this issue; now.
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