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Danny Hannan danny_hannan at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 8 03:16:34 UTC 2009

G'day Nick,
Matt would like a link to his site, if you need more links for peak oil.

Matt, with oil peak production being in the past and the peak production of natural gas around 2015 when will global peak energy production hit?
I consider that the real economy is the energy economy (80% of the tonnage of shipping is oil, coal or natural gas the rest can be considered energy enhanced or intensified) and that the finacial economy is a virtual economy that sits on the real economy.

If the energy economy is in decline (after global peak energy) how can the financial economy do anything else but decline?

The Great Energy Depression of the Twenty First Centuary.

Why are our politicians so reluctant to talk about peak energy?

See attached file.

 danny_hannan at yahoo.com 

From: Matt <mushalik at tpg.com.au>
To: Danny Hannan <danny_hannan at yahoo.com>
Sent: Tue, 8 December, 2009 10:43:57 AM
Subject: link to my site

Danny Hannan wrote:

Love your work.
>  Do you have a friend at Camwest

who can put a link to my web site


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