[CAMWEST-discuss] Cycling response to SMH Inquiry into Public Transport

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The non-scientific legal and economics types have no concept of the importance of energy to our modern society.

They are just paying lip service to us vocal but egg-head lunatic fringe.

I have no faith that anything will be done to lessen the impact of these combined catastrophes.

It is far too late for them to be averted.

Several very knowegable commentators are saying "buy productive agricultural land and the weaponary to protect it".

I just hope I am old enough to miss the worst of it but my analysis says I will see it unless I meet an untimely end.  My bet is that we will be in an energy/economic depression by 2020, but if i am out by 10 years (2030) I might miss it.

Mad Max here we come.


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This report is worth reading for what it doesn't say.

Whenever there's a reference to global warming and/or peak oil these are ASSUMED to be real.

There is a reference to the question of TIMING of peak oil, but it's reality is never even partially questioned.

Hmmm, interesting indeed. Someone somewhere is getting the message!


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