[CAMWEST-discuss] Demise of CAMWEST

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Dear John,

My understanding is that over the years CAMWEST has been through
more than one 'recess'. Also, I get the feeling from the Council people that I have dealt with at 
Holroyd that our very existence provides the 'thorn in their side' that they need to stay
prompted to remember cycling issues when they consider projects.

I remember my first few CAMWEST meetings, I was overawed by the knowledge and contacts
that the people had, they were on first name basis with Councillors, MP's and knew all about all of the issues.
It takes a long; long time, but 8 years later at a meeting at Rob's house it was the other way around,
but ALL of the invitations I have taken up to discuss cycling with Council staff or Councillors have come
directly from the CAMWEST name. Without the name we are helpless as individuals.

I have experienced this at work, where I have fronted up to interstate customers that didn't know me personally;
and have been treated poorly until I either used the company name or shown the business card;
and then I was suddenly treated like a royal visitor. The name carries the reputation, not the individual.

The CAMWEST name gets the individual into places that he/she would not otherwise be able to get into.
Like tea with the Parramatta State MP, who happens to ride a bicycle more than me, and she brought up
the Prospect path closure and gave me a new perspective on it. But yes, the individual must be the one
to put in the required time to attend such things.

In the past when things have sunk to a low ebb, someone ( usually Ian ) has always organised a "is this the end of CAMWEST"
gathering, usually called it an AGM and things have continued on their rocky way.

I challenge everyone that listens to this list to actually DO something for cycling advocacy in the next 3 months;
then by our September AGM we should have some things to report on.

If you think cycling advocacy is dead in western Sydney look at the noise that's been made out the Prospect 
path closure and the eventual reopening of the path now during most daylight hours. Yes CRAG have been
very active, as have Holroyd Council, but when they have a site meeting and CAMWEST and BikeNorth
jerseys appear it really does help a lot.

We are all busy, people are overseas, I'm trying to build a kitchen, I know someone has been trying to finish off a 
house ever since I've known him. But it doesn't take much to shoot off a letter via email, especially in this age
when you can use google to get email addresses for Councillors and Ministers. There are still plenty of
issues in the greater Western Sydney area that need our attention, like the missing link(s) of the PVC,
the traffic lights through Westmead, the underpass at Fox Hills Golf Course and so on  and on and on and on.
The there's the issue of protecting it once it's built as we discovered at Prospect.

And that guy on the T-Way bus did wonders for cycling advocacy because he  gave us a burning issue and a desire 
to write about it and be heard as an organisation.  

Our Xmas BBQ at Pemulwuy turned out pretty good, I'm happy to run it again, maybe at a different location,
each of just needs to run our single favourite event for there to be enough of a simmer of activity to remain an organisation.

What we need is a plan the gets us a larger membership base from which to draw volunteers, 
perhaps we need to become more like a traditional BUG with as wide membership as we can summon,
and a smaller committee. The path to that is events that are advertised outside the cycling community
in places such as newspapers, bike shops and noticeboards, as well as stopping cyclists.

Seems now every single time I go out on a journey I see at least one or two cyclists, meaning
someone, somewhere close by is on a bike 7 days a week. 


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Dear John,

On 10/07/10 09:11 -0400, John Holstein wrote:
>Hello fellow CAMWESTIES,
>please take some time to visit this thread on Sydney Cyclist
>The start of the thread by Rob & subsequent comment by Streetsweeper,
>(Phil) prompted me to think about the future of CAMWEST. I realise
>that many of us lead very busy lives and find it difficult to
>dedicate time to a lot of separate issues, but several recent
>requests for assistance have resulted in almost negligible response.

I'm sorry to hear that.  It must be quite disheartening.

>My recent call for assistance with incorporation prompted
>only one response & that was from another group with a totally
>different focus.

I don't think any of us have experience with the legalities and
technicalities of incorporation.

>To say I was disappointed is a slight understatement & has lead me to
>think that there is a need to either revive CAMWEST or let the group
>go into recess for a time.
>I will continue to advocate for better cycling facilities, but under
>my own name, but to continue CAMWEST without adequate support is
>becoming more difficult as time goes on as we don't even have an
>active management team at present.

As you pointed out in
at least a few people are doing some worthwhile things.
Also Mark Robson has been writing thought-provoking articles:
And sometimes even I spend some time updating the website :-)

The ride to Riverstone
was a major achievement with such a
surprisingly large number of people riding (over 460!).  Kudos to all
who are prepared to take on the challenge of organising events like

I am grateful for the excellent work you have done in advocating
for cycling, and I know that many more people would like to offer you
their heartiest thanks for your fruitful efforts.
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