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G'day all,
I have to agree with every thing said in this article.
Clean coal is a scam, needing to burn some 40% more coal to bury the CO2, the 
subsidies for fossil fuels are globally at 12 times those for renewable power, 
with current technology, the supply of uranium would not meet the demand to 
double nuclear power production from 5% to 10% of global energy.  And fast 
breeder, generation 4 reactors are some 40-50 years away.

Global oil production peaked in 2006 (IEA 2010) coal production will peak some 
time this decade (my bet is by 2015) as will global energy production peak this 
decade again my bet earlier than later.  We need to have at least 25% of our 
primary energy (as opposed to electricity) supplied by renewable energy by 
2025-30 for us to have any chance of a modern society into the future.

See: http://camwest.pps.com.au/renewable-energy/

 danny_hannan at yahoo.com 

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Don't Buy the Obama Illusion!
By Jeff Siegel | Monday, January 31st, 2011
Last week, President Obama addressed the nation.
He talked about jobs, energy, education, and bipartisan necessities... All in 
all, it was a fantastic pep rally that answered few important questions, but got 
the masses all riled up anyway.
Obama supporters cheered and got a fresh jolt of cosmetic enthusiasm, though 
it's likely most still don't know why they're so excited.
Obama critics attacked with sound bites left over from the November election, 
and made their rounds on the “news” on Twitter and any message board that 
doesn't require you to register before posting.
Either way, of all the comments and criticisms I heard — both positive and 
negative — few addressed the overall picture of reality versus the illusions 
created during the State of the Union Address.

The Energy Company No One Can Catch
On the verge of perpetual energy, one small company owns a secret technology 
that looks to change American power forever.
It's not nuclear... wind... or even oil.
Thing is, they've flown under the radar so far. So if you'd like to hear about 
this opportunity before the masses, check out this broadcast. 

Obama Illusion # 1
President Obama had no problem rallying the masses when he spoke about 
education, saying we need to revamp education policy and add 100,000 more math, 
science, and engineering teachers by the end of the next decade.
Sounds good. But while you can create, regulate, and incentivize schools and 
teachers... you can't do the same with parents.
Listen, there are some fantastic teachers out there. And thanks to some new 
initiatives, it looks like (at least in some states) school systems are finally 
starting to clean house, getting rid of complacent, tenured slackers who are 
pretty much hanging around for a paycheck and summer vacation.
And I don't say this to attack teachers...
I know some amazing teachers doing some amazing things. They go beyond the call 
of duty every single day, often pay out of pocket for their own supplies 
(including paper and pencils), and donate countless hours staying after school 
to work with kids that need a little extra help — and they don't get time and a 
half for that!
These quality teachers are true patriots in every sense of the word, and their 
work should not be trivialized.
However, no matter how hard these teachers work, if the parents don't do their 
part, it doesn't matter.
You wouldn't believe some of the stories I've heard from teachers over the 
years: stories about kids actually hitting teachers because the kids thought 
they were being “picked on”... stories about students walking in and out of 
classrooms without permission, because "they felt like it"...
And don't even think about putting your hand on one of those kids to stop them — 
you'll be sued so fast, it'll make your head spin.
But the worst part is in many instances, when parents are called, they either 
show no interest at all or they blame the teacher for their child's disciplinary 
I guess they never got the memo that discipline starts in the home, not in the 
President Obama noted that one in four American students does not graduate from 
high school. But this is a problem that cannot be fixed by just new policies and 
more teachers...
This problem can only be rectified when parents take responsibility for their 
kids' success. If that doesn't happen, those unacceptable numbers will not 
Obama Illusion #2
President Obama told us last week he wants 80 percent of the nation's 
electricity coming from clean energy sources by 2035.
The illusion here is not the number; but rather what the definition of “clean” 
should be.
Is “clean coal” clean? Not by a long shot!
This is a myth created by lobbyists and bureaucrats. As Gerald Celente said 
recently, it's analogous to "being almost pregnant."
Spending a fortune to capture and sequester CO2 emissions doesn't make coal 
clean; it just makes it more expensive for rate payers.
Nuclear is considered to be cleaner than coal, and doesn't carry with it the 
same carbon emissions burden. Although it could be argued that until the waste 
issue is properly addressed, nuclear isn't really all that “clean”...
I won't prolong this debate here, as both sides can make a pretty decent 
argument. But feel free to share your (civil) comments below.
And natural gas certainly burns cleaner than coal, but emits about ten times as 
much CO2 than hydro, wind, and solar. If anything, natural gas proves its value 
much more as a transportation fuel versus being used to power the grid.
Of course, the big hang-up with natural gas and coal is that these are already 
mature, profitable industries — which, by the way, still get a sizable chunk of 
your tax dollars.
In fact from 2002 to 2008, the United States government ponied up $72 billion in 
incentives for oil, gas, and coal producers.

The Video Footage that has Electric Companies Terrified
They won’t announce it yet, but your utility company is shaking in its boots...
That’s because one tiny engineering firm just demonstrated a technology that 
could put every last utility out of business — by harnessing your own solar 
energy at any time, from anywindow!
Before the first big ticket contract comes through — doubling the share price — 
click here to see exclusive footage.

So now — under the guise of “clean energy” — we're going to pony up more for 
these guys, while the president smiles and tells the country that we're going to 
end all those fossil fuel subsidies?
They're not going to end anything. They're just going to give the fossil fuel 
welfare scam a fresh coat of “green” spin and hope no one notices.
The whole point of subsidies is that they provide a kick-start for emerging 
industries that will pay off down the road.
But the last time I checked, oil, gas, and coal were not “emerging” 
It's all a very slippery and dishonest move that does little to address the 
realities of peak oil, peak coal, and the liquidation of natural capital.
That being said, from an investor's point of view, it's never been more obvious 
that all forms of energy will continue to churn out some serious profits for us 
over the long term...
Coal, oil, nuclear, solar, wind, geothermal — it's all going to be a part of the 
mix, and it's all going to line our pockets over the next decade.
But bear in mind as the debates carry on in Washington, if we don't get serious 
about investing in new, cost-cutting clean energy technologies that help 
alleviate the pressures of peak oil, peak coal, and natural capital 
We're done.
To a new way of life, and a new generation of wealth...
jeff signature" src="http://images.angelnexus.com/sigs/jeff.gif" width=150 
Editor, Energy and Capital
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