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Danny Hannan danny_hannan at yahoo.com
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Unfortunately Barry and his minions have not heard that Australia is importing 
80% of its liquid fuel needs and that NSW is importing 100% of its liquid fuel 
needs.  And that NSW manufactures almost no motor vehicles.  That means that 
most of the money spent on motor transport permanently leaves the state, 
depleting our wealth.  Building more roads just increases the rate that our 
wealth leaves the state.

Rail transport and rolling stock on the other hand can all be built here so that 
the wealth of the state stays circulating within the sate.  The fuel cost of 
rail freight is 25% of that of road transport on a per tonne basis.

While the right wing supporters complain about the subsidies that are needed for 
rail transport the subsidies for road transport are actually over twice that for 
rail on a passenger kilometre basis and on a tonne kilometre of freight basis.

According to the International Energy Agency's; World Energy Outlook 2010, peak 
oil was 2006.  Don't politicians read or if they do don't they understand the 
significance or consequences of these documents.

Do write to you local both state and federal representives on these topics.  
Politicians will only change policies when they think the weight of public 
opinion will cost them their seat if they don't.

This is a recent letter I sent to local politicians.

G'day all,

I make my living as a private trader in oil futures and some selected options 
both on the US market.

I hold no stock, I employ no people, I produce no goods, I provide no services, 
while I put my own capital at risk, the risks I take are well calculated and 
mostly allowed for, and at least I use my own capital.  Hedge funds and trading 
companies etc. trade with other people's capital.  A system that not only allows 
but encourages such trading is designed to take wealth from the people and put 
it into the hands of a few and so is seriously flawed.

My point being; is that traders such as myself are parasites on the economy, 
while we may perform some necessary functions, the costs to the economy are 
large.  I seriously doubt that a carbon trading system would achieve its goal of 
reducing carbon dioxide emissions.  A carbon trading scheme however:  Would 
raise prices and take money from the polluters and the public and pass it to the 
traders.  The money men would grow richer while little would be done to reduce 
our energy needs or our carbon emissions.

A broad based carbon tax without compensations as supported by Leighton Holdings 
chairman David Mortimer in this article and proposed by Geoff Carmody of Access 


Would not only reduce carbon consumption by driving behavioural change but 
provide funds to build the vast infrastructure needed for a low 
energy-consumption economy and for renewable power production .  This 
infrastructure is needed not only to reduce our energy usage and to produce 
power from renewable sources but also to replace our rapidly depleting reserves 
of fossil fuels.


The dispute over a carbon tax going on between the major political parties at 
the moment is heart breakingly disappointing for those who are knowledgeable on 
the topic.  The scientific and mathematical illiteracy of our so called leaders, 
the politicians is appalling.  Both major parties are playing to a largely 
scientifically ignorant public and it is in the parties vested interests to keep 
the public ignorant on the topics of both Global Warming and resource 
depletion.  Else dramatic changes would have to be made to their policies.  Does 
anyone think this is being a good elected representative of the people or good 

Just to clarify, from my research of the data available, Global Warming is 
actually accelerating and has a large human caused component.  While I question 
the mechanisms said to cause Global Warming, from my calculations the heat 
released from our fossil fuel usage alone is quite adequate to cause the 
measured Global Warming and while "green house gases" are also contributing to 
the problem, carbon dioxide is not the only contributing "green house gas" and 
may not be the main contributor.

However:  I cannot see how a carbon trading scheme will do anything except take 
money from the people and put it into the hands of the traders.  A direct and 
broad based tax on carbon with no compensations is the only way to effect 
behavioural change and so that the money can be returned to the people in the 
form of the infrastructure needed to lower our energy usage and to produce the 
needed energy in sustainable ways that will replace our fast depleting fossil 

A carbon tax would make only a small increase in costs compared to the removal 
of subsidies and the energy price rises that are inevitable as fossil fuels 
supplies fail to meet demand in our energy hungry world.  Currently in NSW our 
power stations are heavily subsidised with low cost coal.  The same coal that is 
supplied to the power stations at less than $40/tonne is loaded onto ships in 
New Castle Harbour at around $120-$130/tonne.  The growing global shortage of 
export quantities of fossil fuels will only push these prices higher.

danny_hannan at yahoo.com 

From: John Holstein <jonhol2 at netscape.net>
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I recently sent an email to Barry O'Farrell re my disappointment with their 
decision to increase spending on Motorways. The email is at the bottom of the 
reply from Mr O'Farrell, or more than likely, one of his minions. An interesting 
reply which seems to indicate where the priorities of the Liberal/Nationals lie. 
Use your vote wisely on 26/3/2011. Watch where your preferences are directed & 
please, NO DONKEY VOTE, that is just a waste of your vote.

John Holstein 
Member of CAMWEST (http://camwest.pps.com.au) advocating for better cycling 
infrastructure for Sydney's West. 

"if we don't change direction, we will end up where we are headed" (Professor 
Irwin Corey 

American vaudeville comic and actor (1914 - ) )

-----Original Message-----
From: LOP at parliament.nsw.gov.au
To: John Holstein <jonhol2 at netscape.net>
Sent: Wed, Mar 16, 2011 4:30 pm
Subject: Re: ## Message from Barry's website

Dear John,
Thank you for your recent email.
I have read your email with interest and have noted your concerns in relation to 
transport and road infrastructure. The NSW Liberals & Nationals believe the 
completion of the South West and North West Rail Links are priorities for Sydney 
and we will commence building these rail links in our first term.The NSW 
Liberals & Nationals are also committed to establishing Infrastructure NSW if 
elected in March.
Infrastructure NSW will be an independent and professional chaired body 
responsible for the identification and prioritisation of critical public 
infrastructure across NSW, including roads. 

This will help us identify projects NSW within an appropriate time frame and 
Lastly, you may be interested to know that we  will inject an extra $200 million 
into the roads capital works budget specifically to fix black spots and relieve 
congestion on our roads, if elected in March.
This additional funding will be prioritised for local roads projects that 
improve road safety by fixing black spots and well-known regional death traps 
and improve NSW's economic productivity by reducing travel times, relieving 
congestion or upgrading road quality, as well as making a real impact in terms 
of road safety.
Please visit my website at www.barryofarrell.com.au for policy updates and the 
NSW Liberals & Nationals plan to Make NSW Number One Again.
Thank you again for taking the time to write to me.

Barry O'Farrell MP
NSW Leader of the Opposition
(P) 02 9230 2270
(F) 02 9221 8208
(E) LOP at parliament.nsw.gov.au

 Name*: John Holstein 
Email*: jonhol2 at netscape.net
Phone: 0410662390
Postcode*: 2152

The enquiry is a general enquiry

Message*: Mr O'Farrell,
I am extremely disappointed in your announcement to increase capacities of the 
Motorways in the state. The M2 is already being widened by the current 
parliament & by the admissions of the builders, Transurban, has an expected life 
span of 10 years before it becomes congested again. Take the two year 
construction period away & it is a waste of money. 

The Northwest is crying out for public transport options, but I was reliably 
informed recently the Northwest Rail Link would only have a capacity of two 
trains per hour each way, due to congestion on the rest of the rail network.
I appreciate there is no easy answer to our transport woes, but to rely on 
increasing motorised traffic alone is foolish. Freight needs to be returned to 
rail across the state, people need to be encouraged to return to public 
transport, carpool or use an easy alternative such as a bicycle for the smaller 
Please show some foresight beyond the next election. You will, for better or 
worse, wind up in power after the 26 March,2011, please use your mandate wisely 
& actually DO SOMETHING good for the State.


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