[CAMWEST-discuss] ABC Catalyst Science Show: OIL Crunch

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Interesting story, looks like most of the world has their head buried in the (tar) sands. The Peak Oil prediction keeps on creeping back. It used to be around 2030, looks like we have missed the party date already.
Other predictions, more world unrest, higher prices for everything. Try and live for a few hours without using a petroleum based product or eating a food that hasn't been carried hundreds, if not thousands of kilometres to your plate.

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G'day all,
For those interested; on April 28 the ABC Catalyst Science Show ran a segment on future oil supply: Oil Crunch
You can view it here if you missed it. http://www.abc.net.au/catalyst/stories/3201781.htm
A good reason to not only keep the bike lanes under threat but to widen them.
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