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While this type of cycleway (off road) is important at the moment to support cycling, it is an exercise in filling past needs, a far more future oriented

program is "cycling priority on the road".  Retrofitted off-road cycleways while great for family and recreational cycling, they are a poor substitute for the commuting cyclist.  As liquid fuel scarcity increases along with prices, this decade, commuting cycling growth will be driven by simple economics as the cost of living rises due to energy prices rising, due to declining supplies of fossil fuels.  While a carbon tax/trading scheme will add a small increase; that amount will only be a small portion of the rise.  A simple example is that NSW power stations are supplied with subsidised coal at around $30/tonne while the same coal is loaded onto ships in Newcastle Harbour at well over $100/tonne or four time the price.

The global debt crisis has simply been delayed, but by being delayed it grows bigger all the time so that the longer we wait for the final reckoning the worse will be the consequences.  So don't think that wages will keep up with the cost of living, that simply will not happen when unemployment is rising.

While Australia's future is tied to China, India and Asia as our major resources buyers,  those countries have serious debt and inflation issues as well, that will impact soon this decade as well.  Many investment advisers that warned of the 2008 recession are now warning of the economic instability of 

Peak oil production was latest 2006, peak coal production is now, by mid decade both will be in declining supplies, while there are question marks as to the future of natural gas, it is very expensive in energy terms to export as compared to coal and oil.

Cyclists need to start fighting for priority on the road, because come the end of the decade cyclist will be challenging as a major component of the traffic.

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Fellow CAMWESTies,
                               here is an email that has been sent to me raising concerns over Council considering boring tummels through the histooric Lennox Bridge in Church St Parramatta. Please view the article in the Link from the Parramatta Sun & add your comments to the story. Also, send your comments to Council. 
John Holstein Member of CAMWEST (http://camwest.pps.com.au) advocating for better cycling infrastructure for Sydney's West. "if we don't change direction, we will end up where we are headed" (Professor Irwin Corey American vaudeville comic and actor (1914 - ) )

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Hi John, Stuart, readers

As a previous member of the National Trust in Parramatta and an early participant in the CAMWEST Heritage Ride formation may I draw you attention to a real concern for Parramatta's heritage and seek clarification and media support from CAMWEST  in this matter. This issue is (i hope) to protect the 172year old Lennox Bridge buttresses and call for heritage conservation friendly design of the potential cycleway underpasses. This is a call for creative innovation - for architectural interventions rather than the 'obvious' impacting proposal now in the media.

It is reported that Council is investigating cutting pathway holes either side of the arch if Lennox Bridge - potentially for direct line cycleway links and to accommodate new redevelopment of the south side (in future at least). I am personally aware that Heritage Centre staff are also horrified at the direct arch hole justification presented by Council (councillors/ planners).

Clearly more heritage-compatible and still acceptable options need to be advocated. This includes community proposing and asking for solutions such as dual 'dog-legged' angled underpass tunnels located beyond the current view of the heritage item's sandstone fabric, and set below the roadway.

Would it be possible for CAMWEST to support this alternative solution and put it forward? I'm happy to talk with you further of course.
Kind regards 

Simon Alexander Cook 0419124153 
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Hi Antony & others,
>John Holstein Member of CAMWEST (http://camwest.pps.com.au) advocating for better cycling infrastructure for Sydney's West. "if we don't change direction, we will end up where we are headed" (Professor Irwin Corey American vaudeville comic and actor (1914 - ) )
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