[CAMWEST-discuss] Is this the start of the collapse or just a rehersal?

Danny Hannan danny_hannan at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 9 04:10:04 UTC 2011

G'day all,
I'll make this short.Is this the start of the collapse or just a rehersal?  My bet is:
50% chance that there will be a recovery before a larger collapse this time 2012.
25% chance that we are on the slippery slope with a gradual decent till the big poo hits the big fans in 2012.
25% chance of a continuing collapse then bounce along a declining bottom.
In any circumstance with global energy production to be in decline by 2015 and probably already at or past the peak of production there cannot be a sustained recovery.  So no matter what happens it will be worse in the future.
I like this quote from Energy and Capital, and agree with it whole heartedly.
Learn to play the options market.
"Short the sh%# out of anything that looks like a limping gazelle being chased by a ravenous lioness. European ETFs and crippled housing financials have been my drug of choice for some time now. I definitely benefited nicely from Ian Cooper's call to buy Homebuilders (NYSE: XHB) puts, which ended up delivering a 245% gain in about four weeks. You can get a read on Ian's next play here.
The riots in the UK a sign of things to come, as the gap between rich and poor widens, economic collapse means chaos and anarchy.  How ugly will the riots get when people are starving?

danny_hannan at yahoo.com
	1. Pounce on dips in oil; it'll prove to be one of your best insurance policies down the road.
	2. Don't trivialize the value of gold and silver.
	3. Pick up cheap shares of the companies that are taking the lead on alternative energy development: Trina Solar (NYSE: TSL), Maxwell Technologies (NASDAQ: MXWL), Suntech Power (NYSE: STP), just to name a few. In a year or two, you'll be happy you got shares of these companies at such deep discounts.
	4. Invest in your own personal protection against soaring power and fuel prices. Get your home an energy audit and get some solar on the roof. Grow your own food, and that which you cannot grow, buy directly from a local farm that doesn't ship garlic in from China or beef from 2,000 miles away. Your local farmer should be your friend today, because he will be your only source of cheap food tomorrow.
I know not everyone will agree with what I laid out here. And that's fine.
In fact, one gentleman at last week's meeting suggested that I was being paranoid.
But what he calls paranoid, I call preparedness.
You wear a seatbelt to protect your life. You lock the door to your home to protect your property. Why would you not take the appropriate measures to protect your wealth?"
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