[CAMWEST-discuss] global rice shortage for 2012

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G'day all,
Another serious consideration that is projected for 2012, along with all the other problems.  Global stockpiles of rice are projected to be at a 4 year low for 2012, and the Japanese crop has a high risk of radio-active contamination and if so; unusable.
Economic collapse means anarchy and chaos, we are already seeing riots around the world, many because people cannot afford enough food.  Others because our capitalist society has left many people behind.  People that have nothing to lose and/or are hungry are very dangerous.
Get your finances in order cause there is a big pile of poo that is going to get sprayed very indiscriminately.
What super we have personally that is not self-managed was moved into "Australian Fixed Interest" several months ago when I first mentioned it in e-mails.  International Fixed Interest pays better but who knows where that is lodged and how dodgy it is.
I cannot see the US, UK, Europe or Japan getting out of their mire at all.  Considering they make up over three quarters of the world economy; the global economy is screwed.  It is just a matter of timing of when the collapse comes.  If we make it to 2013 without a big collapse I will not only be ecstatic but will be dumb-struck.  But if that is the case beware of 2015.

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