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G'day all,I am not a follower of any political party but do hate the spin, lies and deliberate complexities generated by politicians and business that deliberately mislead the general public.
 My apologies for my misunderstanding of the NSW Liberal Government scam on net renewable electricity metering.
Any power you take from the grid is charged at the 22c to 28c per kilowatt hour rate and any power exported to the grid is credited at 6-8c per kilowatt hour.
Even if you export more power to the grid than you use you will be charged for all the power you draw from the grid and paid only 6-8c/kWhr for the power exported to the grid.
Typically power is used over a 24 hour period with peak periods and low usage periods but renewable power particularly PVs is generated over a 4-6 hour period.  So when the PVs are generating power during the middle of the day when not much is happening at home but is in a commercial sense the power is exported at 6-8c/kWhr but when you use power particularly in evenings you pay for all the power that is drawn from the grid.
This means that the return on investment is crap as most of the power generated will be exported at 6-8c/kWhr with only small reduction in your electricity costs.  With a 4kw system that could cost $7000 to $9000 would give about a 4-5% return on your money in reduced electricity bills.  You can get those returns on at-call bank accounts.  A smaller system would cost less and provide a better return but the amounts are becoming too small, hardly worth the effort.
True net metering should be that any electricity exported to the grid is deducted from the electricity drawn from the grid so that only net electricity usage over a 24hr period is charged at 22-28c/kWhr and net export of electricity over a 24hr period is credited at 6-8c/kWhr.
With this system all are in a win win situation, the PV industry would grow, the electricity suppliers would benefit in several ways, distributed power production for commercial and industrial usage during high loads, and reduced need for infrastructure investment because of the distributed power production, owners would get a reasonable return from their investment in their PV system of about 10%, with a considerable reduction of coal burnt reducing fuel consumption and reducing heat and Global Warming emissions.
Hence the NSW Liberal Government scam on net metering of renewable power.
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