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Hi Mark,
I prefer not to do that because it complicates things with keeping track of
bookings, who's paid and who hasn't etc. And it's pretty cheap at $10.
The Feb 24 ride is free so all tastes are catered for.


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Hi Robert,

Just a question,

Can one come on the rider and not pay the $10, and of course then just wait
when the paid tour takes place?

Please answer to the discuss email so all get the answer.


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After a bit of a summer hibernation, a few more Heritage Rides have been
added to the calendar.
The next one (Feb 24) is free and bookings aren't necessary
The April and May ones cost $10 which covers a short tour of a property,
and bookings are essential.
And the start time is a little later at 8.30am.

Hope to see you on one of them.

Upcoming Heritage Rides:
Date:		 		 Departing
 		 Cost		 Bookings
Sun 24 Feb:		 8.30am Tudor Gates, Parramatta Park
Sun 28 Apr:		 8.30am Tudor Gates
	 $10		 essential at
Sun 26 May:		 8.30am Tudor Gates
	 $10		 essential at

If you have any questions, please call me on the number below.

Thanks and regards

Paul Bowyer
Project Manager
Mobile: 0438 856 880
Email: pbowyer at au1.ibm.com

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