[CAMWEST-discuss] Upcoming Heritage Ride dates

Nick Urbanik nicku at nicku.org
Wed Feb 6 07:49:59 UTC 2013

Dear Paul,

On 05/02/13 17:34 +1100, Paul Bowyer wrote:
>After a bit of a summer hibernation, a few more Heritage Rides have been
>added to the calendar.
>The next one (Feb 24) is free and bookings aren't necessary
>The April and May ones cost $10 which covers a short tour of a

Which property?  Elizabeth Farm?  Old Government House?

I would like to be a little more specific on the web site, if you know
where now.

>and bookings are essential.
>And the start time is a little later at 8.30am.
>Hope to see you on one of them.
>Upcoming Heritage Rides:
>Date:		Departing 					Cost	Bookings
>Sun 24 Feb:	8.30am Tudor Gates, Parramatta Park		Free
>Sun 28 Apr:	8.30am Tudor Gates				$10	essential at
>Sun 26 May:	8.30am Tudor Gates				$10	essential at
>If you have any questions, please call me on the number below.
>Thanks and regards
>Paul Bowyer
>Project Manager
>Mobile: 0438 856 880
>Email: pbowyer at au1.ibm.com

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