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Fellow CAMWESTies,
                                   here is a different ride someone may be interested in. It came through our contact email list & is not spam.

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Dear John,

Thanks for your help in the past.
Would appreciate it if you could pass the message below on to your members. Thanks.

Cycle Sulawesi runs trips on the Indonesian islands of Bali and Sulawesi.
The trips below are nearly full.
Two spots left for the Bali mens’ trip.
One spot for a lady cyclist (to room share with another lady cyclist) on the Toraja trip.
10% off if riders pay the deposit before 28 February 2013.

Bali mens’ trip
29 March - 05 April 2013
8 Days - 287km
Start artistic centre of Ubud and for a week we’ll explore the non tourist north and north-eastern Bali returning to Ubud on the second last day. Trip features community work in mountain village Sudaji. Cycle days average 55 km and for the most part hilly.

Toraja Land (Sulawesi)
11 - 24 May 2013
14 Days - 648km
Start Makassar, loop Toraja, finish back in Makassar. Includes the cultural heartland of Toraja, guided mountain trekking, Torajan village homestays, white water rafting, yoga, bahasa Indonesia  instruction, outdoor thermal springs relaxation. (4 places left)
WEB: www.cycleindonesia.com.au

Colin Freestone
"cycle_indonesia at bigpond.com"
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