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The Australian Cyclists' Party has the potential of having a very positive impact for cyclists and communities.  However if the ACP is not an inclusive and democratic organisation it will lose member support.  To be sustainable the ACP needs to have a very democratic structure to maintain member support and enthusiasm.  At the moment all the power resides with the organising committee.  Do read the constitution and the values statements.

If possible I would like to put an item on the agenda of the AGM to discuss the constitution of the Australian Cyclists' Party.

and the values of the ACP.  Particularly the following points.

	* Empowering individuals to be capable and self-reliant
	* Strengthening communities to be resilient and able to overcome their challenges with a localised approach
Without a statement of the responsibility to provide support for individuals and communities these statement could be used to cut funding and support from individuals and communities that have needs.


With the aim, if the CAMWEST agrees, of sending a letter to the ACP stating CAMWEST's objections to the power centralised in Organising Committee and particularly the lack of democratic member voting for each state to select candidates for election in the relevant state.   And the two values shown, without having statements of responsibility of providing support for individuals and communities on a needs basis.

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