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Another old CAMWEST member departs.  Doug Bathersby, a grand old gentleman that worked tirelessly to improve cycling facilities in the Hawkesbury LGA, for many years.
Too many members have passed unannounced so that those who would like to, may pay their respects.
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Hi Danny
Sad news...Dad passed away 18th June...he was an avid cyclist and will be sadly and greatly missed by many,
Kim (daughter)
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 G'day all,What ever your politics voting in the senate is important.  To make your vote really count you need to vote 1 to 12 below the line.  If cycling facilities are important to you then you need to vote Cyclists & Scientists group 1 to 4 and then either the Greens or the party of your choice.
But above all be a conscientious voter, know who you are voting for and why.
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