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Hi All,
I think it would be worth a consultation with the CAMWEST reps on the Cycleway committee prior to any  BUG submission so that differing perspectives are not being given by the one organisation. We’ve had much discussion about this at the Council Cycleways committee and it has gone through several lots of modification. We’ve also explored a range of other options eg Caroline St. The proposal sits within the context of significant other changes that will be taking place at the Park and the Westmead precinct. We are stuck with the concept of “no loss of car parking spaces”, while we certainly don’t support this approach, it’s what we are needing to work with at present.

Re John’s points below my personal opinion:

1.       3m would be ideal but I personally think the 2.5 is manageable given it’s not a shared path.

2.       Railway Rd/Hawkesbury Rd intersection has thousands of school students plus other pedestrians each morning ( I forget the exact number…)There is no way I would want that section to be shared- it would just be too dangerous. While Queen St is busy, it has nowhere near the volume of foot traffic that the other side does. Queens Rd is also the direct route that people already ride to link up to the Parramatta Valley cycleway.

3.       The Cycleway committee went on an excursion through the City of Sydney to look at a range of treatment options for separating cars/bikes. All seem to have advantages and disadvantages. As we’re riding uphill towards the cars we should have good visibility and will be travelling slower.


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Hello All,

Is anyone else writing a submission on this.

I’m happy to start something and have it ‘approved’ as an official Camwest submission.
I’m going to be quite critical, this is a death trap in the making.


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Hi Charlene & Fellow CAMWESTies,
                                                          please take the time to study this proposal for a bi-directional (two way in the old money) bicycle lane linking Parramatta Park with Darcy Road via Queens Road and Hawkesbury Road Westmead. I encourage you to make a submission to Council either through CAMWEST or personally, or both, on this important piece of infrastructure.

It is my personal opinion it is not a good design and I will be making a PERSONAL submission on what I see as the faults in the design.

In my opinion, there are several points that make this an unsuitable proposal:

1   The path should be at least 3.0 metres wide (current proposal 2.5)

2.  The path should follow a different route - My suggestion would be leave the park via the current footpath on to Railway Parade with a designated on road bi directional path along that road to the intersection of Hawkesbury Road which would be crossed using a crossing with a bicycle lantern onto a shared path along Hawkesbury Road, left into Darcy Road where another crossing with a bicycle lantern would allow cyclists to cross to the Northern side of Darcy Road to join the existing cycle path. This route would have the advantage of allowing direct cycling to both the Westmead Campus of the Western Sydney University and the neighbouring Parramatta Marist School, Catherine Mcauly High School &  Mother Theresa Primary Schools from Parramatta Park. It also avoids the North West section of the intersection of Hawkesbury Rd and Darcy Road, which, in my experience is one of the busiest pedestrian precincts in the area.

3. The proposed design places cyclists into the passenger door zone of cars parked in Queens Road. Even though cyclists will be travelling towards the opening doors, it should be obvious passengers would be less aware of the need to check for oncoming bikes before opening their door than a driver would be. Even small cars have very wide doors. My Mazda 323 has a door 1.2 metres long which would protrude across most of the lane when opened. It is also my submission that many of the passengers using this precinct could be expected to be infirm and possibly using mobility aids which would make their exit from vehicles a more laborious task than an able person could expect.

John Holstein
"If we don't change direction we will end up where we are headed"
(Professor Irwin Corey, Comedian 1909 - )

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Hi John,

Nicole here. I thought this may be of interest for you to circulate. I encourage those who are either supportive or not to submit feedback to Council so that we can develop and understand a comprehensive and accurate community preference.


The City of Parramatta Council seeks feedback on the proposal to install and pilot a bi-directional cycleway on Queens Road, Westmead. The NSW Bike Plan (2010) identifies the link between Westmead and Parramatta as a priority. This is further supported in the NSW Government’s Sydney’s Cycling Future - Cycling for everyday transport (December 2013), where connecting Parramatta and Westmead is categorised as a focus.

The cycleway would complete a critical missing link from Parramatta to the T-way at Westmead. The project would involve the reconfiguration of the existing pedestrian crossing at Hawkesbury Road.

The number of car spaces on Queens Road will remain the same. The proposed work is to be funded by the City of Parramatta’s Better Neighbourhood Program. To view the concept plans please visit www.parracity.nsw.gov.au/on_exhibition<http://www.parracity.nsw.gov.au/on_exhibition>.

In accordance with Section 116 of the Roads Act 1993, Council invites written submissions from residents, visitors, businesses and relevant authorities before finalising the design and approving the works.  Submissions should include a residential address must be provided to Council by COB 22 August 2016 by mail to PO Box 32 Parramatta NSW 2124 or email to placeservices at parracity.nsw.gov.au<mailto:placeservices at parracity.nsw.gov.au>.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments,

Nicole Carnegie | Place Manager
City of Parramatta
PO Box 32, Parramatta NSW 2124
• (02) 9806 5416| 0457 742 726
• ncarnegie at parracity.nsw.gov.au<mailto:ncarnegie at parracity.nsw.gov.au>
Links |www.parracity.nsw.gov.au<http://www.parracity.nsw.gov.au>

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