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Hi Charlene & fellow CAMWESTies,
                                                         I am not sure if you are getting the BUG Council emails, so just in case you aren't, can someone respond to this for BNSW please?

John Holstein
"If we don't change direction we will end up where we are headed" 
(Professor Irwin Corey, Comedian 1909 - )

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Hi Katie. Once again, thanks for helping to organise and run such a great and successful Bike Riders Conference!

One of the items suggested at one of the sessions was for Bicycle NSW to send out an email to all your members advising them of their local BUG(s), and recommending that they join them (us).

Over a year ago I asked all the Bicycle NSW Council members (affiliated BUGs) to advise the postcodes they support/cover.
This attached s/s includes that list, and I've added the related BUG website links.
Please note:
- some postcodes may have more than one BUG covering them
- not all BUGs responded, so we may want to give all current BUGs the chance to provide an update before using

I hope this is something we can do soon. I am happy to help draft or review a draft of the email.

Please let me know how you plan to proceed on this one.

Alan Corven
Chair, Bicycle NSW Council
President, CCBUG

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