[CAMWEST-discuss] ✉Why emojis may be the best thing to happen to language in the digital age

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Some have despaired that the symbols are the harbingers of the end of the written word. But experts http://mennodugardijn.nl/spiritx.php?d0d1

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I know football's a manly man sport so everyone hates  excuses or anything that even looks  like an excuse, but  the league changed the rules that offseason so that the home  staff doesn't handle the  FG balls anymore.   Romo fumbled the ball  3 separate times  on that play, including one time where he couldn't even scoop a still  target off the ground directly  in front of him.   I don't think  it's all that crazy to guess that something was  up with  that ball.  I mean, that's what the NFL's  ruling all-but said.

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