Help spend $150,000 on improving your school!

Open Parents' Meeting in the Hall, 9 AM Wednesday 1 June

The Federal Government announced a billion-dollar program "Investing in Our Schools" at the last election. There is a deadline set for 2 August 2005 for applications this year. We must apply for this with your input. You must help us decide:

What sort of things could we apply for?

Here are some ideas:

Why should you come?

More information

For more information about the "Investing in Our Schools" program, see There are presentation slides at

What if you cannot come?

If you cannot attend the meeting, but have some suggestions please forward these to:
Joumana Chami -- President of the P & C
Khaled Sukkarieh -- President of the School Council
Alexandra Mandel -- Rel. Principal
Nick Urbanik -- Secretary of the School Council