-- Submitting Homework and Assignments --

The following is the text that you have read and agreed to at the beginning of the semester:

Submitting Homework:

I understand that this subject will involve homework every week. I understand that I will be required to submit a reasonable effort by email to nicku@nicku.org before the beginning of the next class, or by the deadline that is specified. If I miss the deadline, I understand that I will receive zero marks for that assessment component, unless I can produce properly documented evidence of a serious reason for being unable to submit my homework. I understand that consistently missing homework assingments will result in my failure of this subject. Homework is specified at http://nicku.org/c-for-engineers/homework/. The web page for this subject is http://nicku.org/c-for-engineers/.

All homework should have the word "homework" in the subject of the email. If I do not receive an email acknowledging my submission, I should bring a copy with me to the class, on paper or in a format that can be read using the machines in the classroom.

Getting Help:

If I have difficulty in doing the homework, I understand that I should write emails to Nick Urbanik at nicku@nicku.org explaining my problem, and that Nick will help me to understand how to proceed.

Plagiarism (copying):

I understand that Nick Urbanik will use software tools (http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~aiken/moss.html) to detect copying of homework and assignments, and the consequences of copying will be serious. Even if I collaborate with others to prepare my work, I understand that my work should still be my own, and not similar to that of other people in the class.

Installing a C++ compiler at home:

I will endeavour to install a standard C++ compiler on my computer within the first week. I understand that g++ on a Linux platform, or Dev-C++ available from http://www.bloodshed.net/ are suitable. Both are available free of charge.

The text of this agreement is provided at http://nicku.org/c-for-engineers/homework/understanding.html.