[CAMWEST-announce] 2006 Parramatta Heritage Ride B Sunday 9 April

Ian Macindoe imacian at bigpond.net.au
Sun Apr 2 09:20:23 EST 2006

Please forgive if you have already received this message. Some people are on more than one contact list.
Attached are two Word files concerning the second Parramatta Heritage Ride for 2006. You may download and print these two files to take on ride. I will have some paper copies to hand out at start of ride for those not on email. A couple of points to note: 
1. CAMWEST is shouting lunch from the kiosk at Lake Parramatta. Marie, who runs the kiosk there, needs to know how many riders will be ordering lunch on the day, and we have to give her the number a day or two ahead. So riders need to confirm to me (see below) on or before Thursday, 6 April. [I already have 12 riders on my list, so if you are one of those there is no need to contact me again]. 
2. While this ride is designed for gentle, multi-stop riding for seniors (we received a Seniors Week grant) it is open to all.
3. There will be only a slight overlap with the earlier Parramatta Heritage Ride held this past February. We will visit three historic cemetaries and several other interesting places.

Let''s hope for good weather and a pleasant, gentle and interesting ride.

Ian Macindoe
10 Barnetts Rd
Winston Hills NSW 2153
(+ 61 2) 9639 4654
imacian at bigpond.net.au
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