[CAMWEST-announce] Parramatta River Explorere ride - Sun Dec 3rd

Mark Robson Mark.Robson at australwright.com.au
Thu Nov 2 10:02:29 EST 2006

Just a reminder that our last ride of the year is coming up in 4 weeks time.

>Name of Ride:		Parramatta River Explorer
>Date:			Sunday, December 3rd
>Start Time:		7.30 am sharp, registration from 7.15 am. 
				An early start to beat the heat of the day.
>Meeting Point:		Walpole Street Park, Walpole Street, Merrylands
>				Departure from the Car Park off Walpole Street

				This meeting point has water and toilets as well as off-street parking.
				It's also not a bad spot for a picnic afterwards if you're so inclined.
				It's with a km or so of Merrylands and Harris Park stations
				and just down the rail trail from Parramatta. We will be going via
				Hassall St toward Rosehill racecourse if anyone coming by train wants to meet us
				on the way at Parramatta. 
				From Granville station I would suggest taking Good St to the M4 path and
				heading west under Woodville Rd to Fox St	(total distance around 1.2 km)

				Walpole St Park is situated quite near the junction of the rail trail and the M4 path,
				offering a great base for rides in all directions.
>Ride Description:	Fairly flat cyclepaths alongside the banks of the Parramatta River
>				through Bicentennial Park to Concord West. Short stretches of back roads.
>				with views of the river from Silverwater and Ryde Bridges.
>				Return via M4 shaded cyclepath.
				Since the weather will be warm the ride will be at a leisurely pace
				with plenty of water stops. The point of the ride is to relax and enjoy the views of the river.
				Since we have all day there is no planned ride speed, we go as slow as you like.
				The Bicentennial Park end of the ride ends with a large loop through Concord West which is (obviously)
				not compulsory, you can choose to have a long rest stop in the park ( and cut 10 km off the ride length )
				and we will pick you up for the return ride.
				The rest stop does incorporate a coffee shop, however you may prefer to bring your own snack as the
				food at the coffee shop is not cheap.

				Flat tyres can delay the whole event, please bring at least one spare tube in the correct size for your wheel.
				We can usually come up with a pump from somewhere!
>				Finish Time: 		Approx 11.30 am
>				Call to Confirm
>				Contact:	Mark Robson ph 9604 2110 or email markr at australwright.com.au

Weather:			Ride goes ahead regardless of the weather, I just love riding in the rain.

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