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Forwarding this to a few people that I think may be interested.
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SPA NSW Branch has arranged a film screening on 2 June, which highlights the importance of declining oil reserves.


Climate Change is getting a lot of publicity at the moment, but the impact of oil depletion will be felt much earlier and more severely than global warming.  Thursday night's ABC TV program, Crude, failed to adequately cover the imminent impact of oil depletion and the implications for human carrying capacity.  We encourage you to come along, and to bring friends and family to gain a wider understanding of oil depletion issues.

Crude Impact. 

Public film screening, Saturday 2 June, 1.30 PM. 

 Mitchell Theatre, Sydney Mechanics' School of Arts, 280 Pitt St Sydney


This film covers the importance of oil in human development.  It links the exploitation of oil with human population expansion and signals the difficulties that a bloated word population will face as oil depletion bites.


Climate change has captured the public imagination, but Peak Oil threatens our human growth enterprise right now and in an alarming way - this film sets out the detail.


Crude Impact runs for 1 hour 36 minutes.  There will be a15 minute interval halfway through.  Despite its length, this film is sure to hold your interest to the very end.  Highly recommended. 


Please support Branch activities, and take the opportunity to meet and talk with like-minded people at these events.  Light refreshments will be provided.




Gordon Hocking

President, Sustainable Population Australia Inc., NSW Branch
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